Indoor Bounce and Play Questions

Question: Where are you located?


We are moving to St. John's Lutheran Church at 2580 Mt. Rose Avenue York, Pa 17402 (the church on the hill near Pizza Hut and Burger King). We are NOT open full time. Please only come on the dates listed on our home page. PLEASE DO NOT CALL THE CHURCH WITH QUESTIONS. Questions? Call 717-858-5362. Open bounce is 9:30-11 am on select dates. Check facebook for weather cancellations or event updates.

Question: How much are bounce and play sessions and when are they?

Answer: We offer affordable indoor bouncing at only $8/child for the entire session. 1 and under are free with an older paying child. We do still accept free bounce passes from our previous locations.

Question: Are you a legal bounce rental operation?

Answer: YES! We have 3 state certified pa inflatable inspectors and Insurance. We are registered with the PA Department of Agriculture. We are ASTM compliant as well as PA law compliant.

Question: Do parents need to stay while children are at open play sessions?

Answer: It's $8/child/session and parents stay to supervise.

Question: When can we set up for a party? What time do we clean up?

Answer: You are welcome to come in 15 minutes early though your party won't begin until your start time. Please understand that all parties have set times and your area must be ready for the next party by the end of your party.

Question: What should we bring to the party?

Answer: You don't have to bring anything, your guests are welcome to come and spend the entire party time playing. However, most parents bring cake, snacks or some food options, drinks, candles, lighter, cake server, plates, forks, napkins, table cloths (6).

Question: What if my child gets sick the day of my party or I need to cancel or reschedule?

Answer: The more notice you give us the easier it is for us to make arrangements. If you need to cancel your $50 non-refundable deposit is not returned to you. However, if you decide to reschedule we simply take your deposit amount off of your party (which is what we do anyway) and we find a date and time that work for your event. You can also get 5 free passes instead of rescheduling.

Question: How does the party usually run?

Answer: On a very tight schedule! Here is a general break down of what the average party is like:

Arrive 10 minutes early for set up, the party that was in before yours is already cleaned up and kids and parents are saying good-byes and getting ready to leave (this generally takes 10 minutes).

Party start time, parents sign in, children review rules and start to play. If there is something special set up like face painting that usually begins now.

1/2 way through your time or 1 hour into the party if it's a longer party we will call the children over to eat.

Some will finish early and return to playing while others continue to eat. When everyone is done we will clear the tables and then call everyone back over for singing and cake. We will cut and serve the cake and when children are done they can return to playing.

Generally this is when we present the bill.

Children will play until 10 minutes before the end of the party when we will ask children to gather their shoes, coats, toys, gift bags, and say their good-byes. This generally takes all 10 minutes. Also at this time the next party will be setting up for their party and the process starts over again.

Question: What is your sick child policy?

Answer: If your child is sick we ask that they put off bouncing until they are well again! We don't want to spread germs around!

Question: What is your cleaning schedule for the bouncers?

Answer: We clean each bouncer that has been set up at the beginning of each day! We also clean all of our toys and mats.

Question: What do you recommend to help stop the spread of germs?

Answer: Well, for one don't bring a child who is sick! Next, please use good hand washing practices. Our bouncers start out clean but all the kids touch and climb and play with the same toys, making germ spreading likely! Also if your child puts a toy in their mouth please bring it to us so we can put it out of play until we have a chance to sanitize it.

Question: Can parents bounce with their children?

Answer: No. It is illegal in Pennsylvania for a child to bounce with someone who is not similarly sized. We want to have a fun environment for children to play in that is also legally and morally responsible.

Question: Can we bring in our own food and drink?

Answer: Absolutely!

Question: Can we have a party that is longer than 2 hours?

Answer: Yes, each additional hour is $100. This needs to be set up in advance so we don't book another party in your spot!

Question: Are parties private?

Answer: You will have a party area for your children and guests for food and celebration but the play floor may be shared by another party. 

Question: How is your current location different than your permanent set up was?

Answer: Since we are only open a couple of days a month now we set up and tear down everything on the same day so we don't have any permanent play structures. We also no longer have party areas separated by walls.

With higher ceilings we have brought in taller slides.

We still have a toddler play area, ride on toys, and large building blocks and a toddler area.

We still have a staff member who helps you with your party from start to end. 

Can children get hurt?

While our intention is always for kids to have fun time injuries can happen here just like they can happen anywhere.

Please make sure your children follow the rules on our waiver you sign when you come in.

We recommend the use of Non-Slip Socks.

If another child is not following the rules please let staff know if they are not aware.

Please monitor your own child's behavior and be alert for potential hazards. Alert staff.

Parents and older children are not allowed to participate in bounce houses as an effort to decrease the risk of serious or life threatening injuries. 12 and under only.

Despite all of our efforts, your efforts, and everyone's best intentions injuries can occur. These can range from bumped heads and scraped knees to more serious injuries. Please alert staff immediately if there is an injury.